Slack Remote Working Software for Online Communication and Collaboration

Slack is one of the world’s best remote working software products, supporting thousands of companies worldwide with online communication and project collaboration. It’s where you get all the people you want to work with you to share information and data in a secure environment. You can also integrate Slack with a wide range of popular business apps.

Slack remote work software

Slack gives you the perfect platform to bring all your team communication together in one place. You can use this one platform to search for members, documents, data, messages, and much more. Slack can also be integrated with popular third party software applications like Twitter, Dropbox, Trello, Google Docs, and dozens more. More than 7,500 companies around the world today use slack on a daily basis for all their needs.

In a Twitter survey by Hubspot in 2020, Slack was the most recommended remote work tool for productivity, communication and collaboration when working from home.

Slack Features and Benefits

  • One software platform for your team to work together
  • Communication history to monitor and track conversation history
  • Create channels to work more closely with external partners
  • Integration with third-party applications
  • Collaborate with anyone on a global scale, utilising as many channels you want

Companies that Use Slack

Slack is used by Airbnb, Amazon, BBC, Dowjones, eBay, IBM, Lyft, Nasa, Samsung, Target, The Wall Street Journal, Udemy, Vodafone, Zendesk, and thousands more companies across the globe.