Popular Marketing Hashtags 2018

This page has details of the most popular Marketing hashtags in 2018 to use on Twitter and other popular social networks for sharing your content and research into your industry hot topics.

This list of the best hashtags for marketing has been human edited and curated for both popularity and relevance to those seeking advice, solutions or services in this field.

Using hashtags for social media

Updated in May 2018 – in order of popularity and relevance, the top 10 hashtags related to Marketing are:

  1. #marketing
  2. #socialmedia
  3. #SEO
  4. #contentmarketing
  5. #business
  6. #digitalmarketing
  7. #sales
  8. #advertising
  9. #SMM
  10. #emailmarketing


Unsurprisingly, this table of popular hashtags for Marketing topics contains a list of some of the most widely used across social media as a whole:

Popular marketing hashtags list 2018 from Ritekit

Source: Ritekit


The graphic below helps to visualise related topics:

Top topics related to marketing discussed on Twitter

Source: Hashtagify.me


Those involved in business, social media management and digital marketing are among those most likely to communicate through channels such as Twitter.

If you are promoting a marketing product or service, hopefully, this list will help you to target the right people for your Tweets or shares.

If you want to know the best marketing hashtags for tuning in to social media channels to find great advice, resources, news or solutions, then we hope the above list proves equally useful.


Data Sources: Hashtagify.me and Ritekit