Best Helpdesk Software for Small Business to Corporate Needs

To improve your internal or external customer service, here we list some of the best helpdesk software for small business through to corporate needs.

Big or small, they all need it!

Small businesses, midsize companies and large corporate organisations – they all want to have happy and satisfied customers—internal and external. To efficiently handle customer complaints and queries it is essential to have a software application than can serve as a single point of contact for user issues and their solutions. This is exactly the kind of service IT helpdesk platforms deliver.


Best helpdesk software systems


Helpdesk support that businesses need

IT helpdesk platforms help companies capture, track, and organise all their customer queries and complaints online in an orderly and systematic manner. The IT helpdesk apps also include feature analytics which makes it easier for companies to keep a tab on their KPIs — response time, resolution time, complaint volume, recurring issues, etc.

By automating tasks such as query tracking, assigning work, and ticket management, IT helpdesk softwares help cut down on repetitive work, thus saving valuable time.

With COVID-19 taking over the world, it has become even more challenging for organisations to keep both their internal and external users happy and satisfied in this different and difficult time. And that is why having the right IT helpdesk software to rely on helps support teams stay on top of incidents at all times.

Here are 5 of the best IT helpdesk software systems that reduce complaint resolution time and increase the number of happy and relieved customers.



Freshdesk streamlines all customer conversations in one place, saves time by automating all repetitive tasks, and helps resolve user issues faster by collaborating efficiently with all the other agents in an organisation.

It is simple to use with a neat UI and allows easy navigation. An end-to-end IT helpdesk platform, it helps both small and large support teams provide amazing service to their customers.

Some of its key features include: social media integration, ticket management automation with automatic sorting and labelling, time tracking, accurate and powerful analytics, KPIs such as resolution time, recurring complaints, and ticket volume.

Some of the companies successfully using Freshdesk are: Panasonic, Decathlon, NYU, HP, Hamleys, Lesley University, AUTO1 Group, Pearson.

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An efficient IT helpdesk software that fits the requirements of small and mid-size businesses, one of the unique features of Zendesk is the ability to host communities. This self-help feature allows customers to share and exchange information and queries in a structured forum.

This takes some burden off the shoulders of the customer service teams. The self-service feature also includes a search tool with round the-clock access to guidelines and FAQs.

Some of the other key features of Zendesk include: multichannel support—phone, live chat, texting, email; mobile support; flexible ticketing management; advanced reporting and analytics; self-service module of community hosting; and automated processes.

Some of Zendesk’s happy customers include: Shopify, Uber, Siemens, Ingersoll Rand, StanleyBlack&Decker, Tesco, Grubhub, Mailchimp.

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Being cloud based, the ProProfs IT helpdesk software helps resolve ticket issues quickly and proficiently. Its simple email-like design makes it easy to use and fits the needs of businesses of all sizes. The in-house live chat and knowledge base that ProProfs offers reduces tickets by almost 80%. Businesses can use ProProfs to keep a tab of metrics, customer satisfaction levels, and ticket volume. ProProfs can be used to provide training to agents too.

The shared inbox is one of the key features of ProProfs. Since all tickets are visible in this inbox, it reduces the chances of any query being missed.

Some other features include: ticket priority, creation of parent/child tickets, ability to add labels and notes, canned responses, and SLA rules.

Every plan of ProProfs has free editions of ProProfs Knowledge Base, Survey Maker, Live Chat, and Quiz Maker.

Happy customers of ProProfs include: Sony, Dell, DHL, CISCO, Yale, University of Phoenix.

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Zoho Desk

A powerful IT support desk platform, Zoho Desk can scale to any size and can fit several verticals. Along with multi-channel support and automation capabilities, Zoho Desk also generates reports that help in monitoring team performance and making specific data-driven decisions.

Among the key features of Zoho Desk is its AI assistant, Zia. It provides human-level responses in real-time. Customers can use Zia to seek accurate replies to their basic queries and agents can contextualize customer queries that they receive. Another feature of Zoho Desk worth noting is its ability to create knowledge bases for customers, who use them to find solutions to their relevant queries on their own.

Zoho Desk featured in Gartner’s MagicQuadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Center (CEC), 2020.

Some of the companies that trust Zoho Desk include: McAfee, Godrej, Zomato, WNS, Daimler, Teleport.

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Jira Service Desk

Developed by Atlassian, Jira Service Desk is an ITSM (IT service management) application. It allows Dev and Ops teams to collaborate and respond to changes in business speedily. This high-velocity service management provides prompt customer and employee service experiences.

Because the Jira platform unifies support, operations, and development all in one comprehensive package, support teams have instant access to everything that their users need. This shortens resolution time and increases happy customers.

A few of the core features of Jira include: SLA delivery, task automation tools, ITIL certification, knowledge base building, analytics and metrics, and real-time collaboration.

Companies with three or less than three agents can use Jira free of cost.

Some of the organisations that rely on Jira Service Management are: Domino’s, Sotheby’s, Airbnb, Square, The Telegraph.

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Choosing the right helpdesk software

Before selecting the best helpdesk software for their business, organisations need to understand how well a particular platform suits and fits their needs. Most of these IT helpdesk software systems offer free trials to help companies see first-hand how they perform in real-time.

You can find more IT helpdesk software on TheITSite if you want to expand your shortlist. However, if you’re looking to improve your customer service in 2021 and beyond, then one of these solutions above should prove useful for your business.