Doing Business in the USA

If you are based in any other English speaking country and are looking at global expansion, then doing business in the USA is probably near the top of your agenda.

The United States of America has the world’s largest economy and has by far the biggest English speaking population.

As the ‘land of opportunity’ it rightly sits near the top of the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index at #4.


The US has an internet savvy population with most people having access to it, which helps to make online marketing a viable route for both testing the market and doing business in America.

See other key stats for business in the US are below:

Population (M)3318,412,000
Size of Economy (GDP)1$17.528 Trillion
GDP per Capita9$54,980
Ease of Doing Business (World Bank)483.99/100 DTF Score
Global Language Popularity (native speakers)3English: 360M Global Speakers
Area in Square KM49,629,091
2013 Human Development Index (and Change since 2011)5Same Ranking as in 2010
Internet Users2254,296,000
Internet Penetration2881.0%
Internet Speed (Ookla)2727.37 Mbps

The USA is a major player in global commerce in terms of both imports and exports.

The country is the world’s #1 importer of goods, as well as being the 2nd highest exporter, so those looking at exporting to and doing business in the USA may well find it a receptive environment.