Great copy that engages and converts your visitors is one of the most important aspects of your website. No matter how great your site looks or how good the products/services that you offer are, if your content doesn’t appeal to your visitor, you will lose out on sales. Changing just a single word in a headline can mean the difference between making or losing a sale.

Exceptional Copy For Your Audience

Great copy can only be written by a copywriter who truly understands your audience. By getting into your audience’s head, a good copywriter will be able to compose strategic web copy that triggers emotions, compelling your visitors to do exactly what you want them to do.

Our copywriting team can help you create powerful and engaging web content. Headlines that actually get clicked on in search engine results pages, calls-to-action that actually prompt action and landing pages that convert like crazy.

A Unique Branded Voice

It is important for your business to develop a unique, consistent voice throughout all your content. Whenever someone reads any of the copy on your website they should get a clear idea of what your brand stands for.

We will help you create that unique voice and make sure that it is consistent across every page of your site.

Copy Tailored to The Marketing Channel

Not only does your online copy need to be targeted to your audience, but also the channel through which you are distributing it. People expect different types of content on Facebook than they do on a business website. Therefore, it is important that you adapt the style to what visitors are expecting on the media channel, while still maintaining your unique voice.

Our copywriting team will help you adapt the style and wording of your copy so your content is successful on all media channels that your business utilises.

Emotionally-Charged Copy

The most powerful copy evokes emotions. Every sales page on your site should immediately captivate your visitor’s attention. This means that your headlines need to stir up feelings that will make it close to impossible for your reader not to continue reading. Your content should use emotional triggers to create a strong connection with the reader and elicit a conversion (whether this means a purchase, sign up, click-through or whichever other goal you have for a specific page).

SEO Friendly Copy

In the internet age, web copy is not only written for the audience, but also for search engines. It is important for every piece of copy on your site that you take into account the important keywords that people are searching for on search engines and optimise your content accordingly.

We always write for the user first and foremost, but will make sure that every piece of content we produce is also optimised for SEO as much as is possible without compromising the quality of writing.

The Slippers On Fire copywriting team are experts in persuasive writing and copywriting that utilises proven psychological principles to help boost conversions.

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