Content Marketing Services

Here we look at the importance of hiring a professional for content marketing services if you don’t manage this function in-house, and how we could help you.

Content is the currency of the internet, today more so than ever before. The “Content is King” catchphrase is much overused in the online marketing world, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold any truth. On the contrary, a solid content marketing campaign can be one of the most important elements in a successful online marketing strategy.


Content Marketing Has Many Different Faces

There are many different forms of content marketing. One way to use content to boost your online marketing is by writing blog posts on your own website as well as guest posting on other blogs. Quality content related to your niche on your own blog will help boost your website’s SEO and grant credibility to your business by showing visitors that you know what you are talking about. This will not only help qualified visitors find your website, but also help convert them into customers.

Besides posting content on your own blog, guest blogging is another very powerful content marketing tactic that will boost your SEO and help drive relevant traffic to your site.

Our SEO team is very experienced with creating great content and getting it published on relevant guest blogs.

Another great content marketing tactic is creating useful content such as pdf reports, ebooks or slideshows, but also videos, infographics or podcasts that you can provide to visitors in exchange for their email address. A database of email addresses of potential customers is a very powerful marketing tool.


Content Marketing Creates Trust

Utilising content marketing effectively will boost your business’ reputation and create trust in your brand among current and potential customers. Creating high quality content for your target audience will produce repeat visitors and customers who will recommend your company to their peers. The more people that read and like your content, the more likely that it will go “viral” and bring a significant amount of new and returning visitors to your site.

Great content marketing can help you attract loyal customers, which are incredibly valuable for any type of business.


Content Marketing is the New Advertising

According to data from the Custom Content Council, 75% of internet users are more inclined to buy from a company offering informational articles about their products or services as opposed to those using only advertising for promotion.

While ads can still be a valuable aspect of your online marketing strategy, when executed well, content marketing can be much more powerful.


Business Content Marketing Services

We realise that creating and distributing content is likely not your core business, which is why the Slippers On Fire team offers a high quality content marketing service to help you with your content marketing efforts. Our experienced team of writers will create superior content for your business and make sure it is distributed through the right channels.

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