Online Competitor Analysis Services

When working on your online marketing strategy, it is important to assess what your closest competitors are doing to find out how your efforts stack up against theirs and how you can stay or get on top of your niche.

Finding Out Who Your Competition Really Is

Businesses often aren’t aware of who their fiercest online competitors are. Your biggest competitors offline are not always also your online competition, and competitors that you weren’t even aware of may be kicking your online behind.

If you want your online efforts to be as effective as possible, you need to know exactly who you are up against and what they are doing. Once you have mapped this out, you can improve all the areas of your online marketing strategy that don’t stack up to the competition.

The Slippers On Fire team has years of experience in competitor analysis, both offline and online. We can help you figure out who you need to beat and how do it.

Finding Out How Powerful Their Websites Are

If you don’t know how well-established your competitors’ online presences are, you won’t know what kind of effort will be required to get ahead of them.

We will help analyse the authority of competitors’ websites based on data such as number of backlinks, domain and page authority and other important metrics.

Analyse, Emulate and Improve

Every business can learn something from their competition. When studying your competitor’s online presence, you will more than likely find some great marketing tactics that you had never considered. Key is to identify your competition’s most successful marketing tactics, copy, improve and implement them for your own business.

Aspects of your competition’s online presence to carefully analyse include their content (everything from landing pages, blog posts to videos and whitepapers), design, backlinks, social media efforts, online promotions and more.

Our team is highly experienced in online marketing and know just about every trick in the book, but will readily admit that we often still can learn a thing or two from your competition. We can help you pinpoint what your competition’s doing better and help develop a strategy for beating them and staying ahead.

Hit Low Hanging Fruit First

If the competition is ahead of you in the online marketing game, it can take a while to catch up, no matter how much effort you put in. Therefore, it is a great idea to look for valuable keywords that your competition isn’t targeting (or not very actively) and in first instance focus on these for your online efforts. Once you’ve had a few successes with smaller volume keywords you can start working on more competitive ones.

If you’re serious about your online marketing, a thorough analysis of your competition is absolutely crucial. The digital marketing team at Slippers On Fire can help perform a rigorous competitor analysis for your business that will help you accurately target your online marketing efforts.

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