Best SEO Tools – Software for Website Analysis, Ranking Checks, Research & more

Here is our list of the best SEO tools in 2021, including top software for website analysis, competitor insights, keyword research and more.

Many of the top SEO software products provide a complete toolkit for all your needs, while some focus on a certain area of search engine marketing. Therefore, the best solution for you may depend on your level of knowledge and expertise, your existing toolkit, and a range of other factors.


SE Ranking – Complete SEO Toolkit

SE Ranking - complete SEO toolkit

SE Ranking is the SEO tool of choice for 170,000 search engine marketing specialists, digital agencies, and business owners. This all-in-one software platform offers 35 tools and is suitable for targeting a global audience or visitors in any specific location.

In includes an SEO audit tool, rank monitoring, online competitor analysis and much more.

This is a low-cost SEO tool, but extremely powerful, quick and easy to use, which is why we have moved many of our own and our clients’ website campaigns onto it. Having used it for several years now, we’ve found it fast and reliable, so one of our most recommended.




From research to reporting, SEMRush contains a really comprehensive set of SEO tools, and it’s data forms the foundations of many other platforms. It’s suite includes keyword research, ranking checker, backlink analysis, competitor analytics, website audit and more.

SEMrush started out in 2008 as a small group of SEO and IT specialists with the mission of making online marketing competition both fair and transparent, with equal opportunities for all. In the subsequent years of ongoing experimentation and development, they have grown into one of the world’s leading competitive research services for digital marketing.


Moz – Inbound Marketing Tools

Moz Inbound Marketing Tools

As well as having the largest community of digital professionals around its blog and forum ecosystem, Moz builds premium tools to make content marketing, SEO, inbound marketing and link building easy.

Moz believe in a better way to do marketing – a more valuable, less invasive way, where visitors and customers are earned rather than bought. That’s the essence of inbound marketing. They are passionate about it, and their mission is to help people achieve it.

The company gained a much more human face after introducing their hugely popular Whiteboard Friday series, where new and fundamental topics were discussed and explained on easy to understand weekly online videos.

Having started as a search engine optimization blog, then providing some of the best SEO software, it broadened out to a suite of complete content, search, and social media marketing (SMM) solutions.

We’ve been Moz users for over 8 years, and while we now use some other tools as well, we will continue to use it for reporting and as a source of advice for the foreseeable.


Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

Screaming Frog Ltd

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool was been created by a digital marketing agency in the UK to meet a need for technical website analysis. It is now well-established as one of the best SEO tools for website audits to identify any technical issues.



Supermetrics marketing reporting software

Supermetrics is designed to make marketing reporting as easy as possible. It pulls all of your search engine optimisation, pay per click, social media activity and website analytics data into sets of automated reports. The software can connect to Google Analytics, Facebook, Adwords, LinkedIn, Bing, Twitter and more web based applications.

The company’s backstory: In 2009, Google had recently released an API for Google Analytics. A Google user then posted an online contest within a forum, stating that the first person who could successfully connect the API with Microsoft Excel would be the winner of a Google t-shirt. Does that sound exciting? Their founder Mikael certainly though so and he went ahead to work on the challenge – of course going on to be the winner…



SpyFu competitor research tool

SpyFu is one of the leading online competitor analysis tools and one that we have used for years to help with our own research and client reports. It enables you to research the keywords driving traffic to your competitors, so that you can create plans to reverse engineer their success.

It also enables you to find and look into online competitors that you may not have been aware of – perhaps because in your areas or your niche, they had so far been flying under the radar by succeeding for search terms that you had not thought of and monitored.

SpyFu helps you to uncover the specific content, pages and backlinks that are helping them to outrank you.

You can look up any domain indexed by Google and see all the places they show up in SERPs (search engine results pages) for commonly used phrases, including the keywords they have bidded on using Adwords, their organic positions, and variation of their advert content. The SpyFu index has over a decade of data in these areas.


Majestic – Marketing, PR and SEO Intelligence Tools

Majestic Marketing and SEO Intelligence Tools

Majestic is a suite of backlink intelligence tools for SEO, online PR and digital marketing. Its Site Explorer tool can show a huge amount of linking and website summary data.

Majestic works by surveying and mapping out the crawlable Internet, and over the last few years has created the largest commercial database of link intelligence information and profiles. This online map is now popular with SEO professionals, media analysts, online affiliate campaign managers and digital marketing specialists.

This is one of the most established and best SEO tools for analysing online competitors in terms of their Content Marketing, Link Building, Online Reputation, Web Traffic, Site Structure and Media Mentions.

Majestic is so trusted and comprehensive that its data has provided the foundations used by other leading SEO software products.




This ranking checker software allows users to track positions in Google, Bing and Yahoo! as often as daily. The system delivers automated SERP reports to saves you analysis time and help you to stay aware of and, if necessary, act on ranking changes.

AuthorityLabs has been built to be easy enough for the typical business website owner, while scalable enough to be useful for those who are responsible for large online marketing and organic search engine optimisation campaigns.

This web-based software allows you to track the results of your SEO work easily and with clarity. As organic search engine traffic is the #1 source of visitors for so many websites, it’s really important to understand how those people are ending up at your site and why. This intelligence allows you to do more of what is working and to cull or improve on what isn’t.

There are lots of search engine ranking checkers out there, but what can make AuthorityLabs a bit different and really useful for some users is that it’s great for tracking multiple websites against the same set of keywords.

This could be great you are responsible for tracking multiple microsites that for some reason overlap. More likely, if you run a digital marketing agency in a certain specific niche, you may have a number of clients who may want to rank for many of the same keywords, and you want to compare all their results simultaneously against the same keyword list.

We had to do exactly that – in a certain tech niche, we had our own website to monitor, plus 4 client sites that all were looking to rank across the same keyword set (plus others that we tracked on their own individual campaigns). At a glance comparison of their rankings in a simple table format was a big time-saver.




This software includes a Duplicate Content checker, search engine spider simulation, and a range of other free SEO tools and advice for improving your rankings.



AuthoritySpy research tool

AuthoritySpy aggregates data from multiple sources across the Internet.

The software is designed to help users to find leading influencers in niche. It discovers these experts and industry names by searching sites and tools like Twitter, AllTop and Followerwonk.


Raven Tools

Raven Tools

Raven Tools is well established for helping users to save time and money, while reducing the frustration associated with SEO and digital marketing reporting. You can use it to send out client reports on social media marketing (SMM), organic SEO, pay per click advertising and more.

New and potential customers can be provided with high-detail SEO audits to show changes and results over a period of time. You are able to analyse SEO effectiveness, potential backlinks based on competitors’, report on performance and more.


This list of the best SEO tools of 2021 should have every need covered. Some provide a complete digital marketing software solution, while others focus on a specific area, such as rank tracking, website audit or link analysis.

Depending on your unique requirements, they all offer something valuable as part of your SEO software toolkit.