Best Online Collaboration Tools & Team Project Management Software

By using the best online collaboration tools and great team project management software, you can improve your workflow – saving time and reducing errors. Excel spreadsheets and GANTT charts are still powerful tools for any project manager. However, the latest online project management tools and collaboration software enable faster communication and a level of task visualisation that helps to reduce misunderstandings and get everyone on the same page.

All this can happen with any time anywhere access to the tools via apps on mobile devices – perfect for collaborating on projects with external teams / contractors and remote workers – as well as those sat at the next desk… Many of the products available today start with a free version for a limited number of users / with limited features or for a trial period.



This is a suite of flexible online collaboration tools that are extremely easy to use and come with very user-friendly mobile apps. It’s free to use with generous resources to use before large teams need to pay for a pro version. Trello helps you to keep track of everything for project resource management and team collaboration.

Trello online collaboration tools

It’s one of the most popular systems of its kind – an easy, flexible, free and highly visual way to organise and manage any project – this is why it has millions of users across the world.

We’ve used Trello to manage various types of web design, product development and marketing projects, and it is used extensively across many types of business.



You can run virtually your entire business with Zoho’s suite of online productivity tools and SaaS applications. Over 35 million users trust them across the globe.

Zoho online productivity tools



Tracking everyone’s work and getting a visualisation on the live status of your team’s workload can be tricky, and this simple project management software should help. Binfire makes it easier to plan, track and manage your projects. Their App supports Agile & Waterfall project management methodologies. It includes Gantt charts, Kanban boards, tasks & subtasks, time tracking & message boards for online collaboration & communication.

Binfire project management app was founded in 2010 to bring innovative and affordable online collaboration and project management tools to professionals and small businesses. Their goal is to make it possible for teams to collaborate wherever they are, whenever they want and using any device they have. They provide online contact management tools and virtual project rooms based on cloud software.



Visual online collaboration software for creative and remote teams to get projects from initial idea to final approval.

Conceptboard project collaboration software

Work with visual heavy content such as product ideas and advertising materials can be hard, so this project resource management tool is designed to make it easy.

When team members are based remotely, it’s difficult to let everyone contribute in a way where their ideas are captured and understood by everyone.



Streamline, sync and manage your team workflow for free with Podio. PC Mag named Podio Best Online Collaboration Software in 2016.

Podio online collaboration software

This team collaboration software is designed to help you work better, with fewer distractions, less confusion and more clarity and focus on your important tasks and goals.