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Features of MS Excel for Business

Here we look at top features of MS Excel for business users. This powerful spreadsheet software has hundreds of useful research, data analytics and time saving functions, making it one of the best business productivity tools in any workplace. We’ve distilled some of the most important Excel tips and tricks to make your data management […]

Doing Business in China

If you are looking East with a view to international expansion, doing business in China could be an exciting prospect with the world’s largest population to trade with. China has the world’s 2nd largest economy in 2019 according to IMF data at $14.22 Trillion – behind on the USA. Its booming economy over recent years […]

Doing Business in the USA

If you are based in any other English speaking country and are looking at global expansion, then doing business in the USA is probably near the top of your agenda. The United States of America has the world’s largest economy and has by far the biggest English speaking population. As the ‘land of opportunity’ it […]

Doing Business in Brazil

If you run a company with global ambitions, there are good reasons for doing business in Brazil – not least because it is the world’s 9th largest economy in terms of GDP (IMF DataMapper). Brazil is also large in terms of population, land mass and natural resources, the latter making exports a major part of […]

Video Marketing Services – Magneto Films, London

If you are looking for top video marketing services in the UK, Magneto Films have worked on numerous successful TV and online campaigns for clients in the charity, corporate and public sectors. This small team of expert video production specialists has decades of combined experience working with high-profile companies and organisations.   This leading provider […]

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a variety of services and infrastructure provided by technology companies to consumers and businesses over the web. The term first gained popularity towards the end of the last decade and covers a range of solutions from personal storage to business infrastructure, and even access to remote software packages. The cloud is increasingly […]