About Slippers On Fire

Slippers On Fire is the new website for you – the ambitious company owner or leader – to find the best strategies, tips, web tools and data to transform your business. 

Whether you are looking to expand your business or improve profitability and develop opportunities on a local, national or international level, we will try to equip you with great information and signpost the best products and services to help you set and meet challenging goals.

This website is geared towards English-speaking business owners who want to develop a company within their own or overseas territories. There will be advice on local marketing and global expansion strategies, including dealing with language barriers and country by country data to help you make informed choices about target regions.

We will aim to provide the best business intelligence data, useful products and services contact details, and advice on quick-win changes, including:

  • Local marketing tips
  • Online tools for productivity
  • Analytics software
  • Global business data
  • Online market research and competitor analysis
  • Website marketing and development
  • International business strategy

Much of our content will focus on advice for those business owners who have seen success, but want to escape their comfort zone and take things to the next level.

We will help them to understand their existing and potential new target markets, to learn about what is working for their competitors, and to put strategies into place to better their success.

If you are a company owner looking at ways to shake up the way you do business, then let us help by offering ideas, news and information that facilitate informed changes for commercial growth.

Don’t get cosy – read on and transform your business.